A Guided Meditation on Loving-Kindness

Let your breath come and go by itself.
Now, reflect on the way anger makes you feel.
Reflect on the fire in the body and in the mind which is anger.
The separation that it causes, the isolation and the loneliness and the pain.
Anger comes from pain and goes back to pain.
Anger most often wants to do injury to its object, to the person or the thing it is directed toward .
Feel it in the body, in the mind; that turbulence, that suffering.
The heart closed, armored against the world.
Reflect on the painfulness, the separation which is anger, which is envy, which is jealously.
Experience the tightness, the loneliness, the separate-ness of anger, the fire Anger.
It is likened to picking up a burning ember in your bare hands with the intention of throwing it at another,
all the while being seared, burned by that anger.
Now reflect on the opposite, on the qualities of warmth and patience which allow us to exist, to flower.
How the anger falls away dissolved in that openness of warmth and patience.
With each breath feel the anger dissipate all the armoring gone.
Now allow that love to give rise to forgiveness.
Easily now, not by tensing or pushing, allow those old curtains of resentment to fall.
Picture the person who somehow caused you pain, and say silently to yourself, I forgive anyone in the past who intentionally
or unintentionally- by thought, speech, or deed- caused me pain.
Forgive them the best you can.
If there is still resentment, accept that too, let it be dissipated as the light of forgiveness grows.
Allow yourself to forgive. Let go of the pride that holds on to resentment I forgive you, just let it go.
The power of forgiveness is so great.
The power that has room to forgive.
Now for those to whom you may have caused pain, ask their forgiveness.
Not with guilt, but with understanding that we sometimes stumble, that we are all partially blind.
Let go of self-judgment. And silently to yourself as it feels right, say,
"Anyone I have caused pain to, intentionally or unintentionally, through my thoughts, my speech, or my action, I ask their forgiveness".
Let all the rigidity that blocks the heart fall away.
Now allow yourself to be forgiven, the stiffness in the neck the back the chest, in the mind, is just resistance.
Let it go.
Let go of your resentment for yourself. Forgive yourself.
Say "I forgive you" to yourself.
Make room for yourself in your heart.
"I forgive myself for all the pain I have caused, even the things I didn't mean to do", using your own name say to yourself "I forgive you" to yourself.
Gently open your heart to yourself......Gently.
Give it time. Self-giving.
Bring forgiveness into your heart for yourself. Make room for you, by letting go.
Now with that sense of openness, direct loving kindness to yourself, in your heart repeat to yourself as is comfortable, with whatever words you find appropriate,
May I be happy.
May I be free from suffering.
May I be free from tension, fear, worry.
May I be healed.
May I be at peace.
May I be done with suffering, done with tension, anger, and separation.
Done with fear and hiding and doubt.
May I be happy let you love yourself, May I be happy.
May I let go of all the things that cause me suffering


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