Elaine also known as Sari, healer of Light and Love: The Oak Tree seed Healing Sanctuary for spiritual healing


Elaine has been offering effective healing for many years and has many clients throughout the world. She is a healer of Light and LOVE
She is now offering her special healing services just for you.

Your receiving this information is not by accident

Elaine says..........As far back as I can remember I have felt and experienced Spirit in my life. When I was a child I saw and heard spirit, I talked to the trees and the plants. I would walk by the sea and feel the power of the elements and knew there was a great power which I was part of. I found that my most deeply felt and valued experiences of divine love came from nature, it was natural.

I heard and felt answers in my head and my heart and was very much aware of things that were going to happen. Born a natural gifted healer and medium, I would feel my hands going hot when someone came near me who was sick, I thought everyone could experience this, finding out they couldn't was a shock to me.

For a few years, I put it to one side and got on with my life or so I thought, but it kept pulling me back. The road I have traveled on this journey of life has been an experience, and has made me realize we are all hitch-hikers through time and space, and that there is no separation we are all connected.

I understand the involvement with the process and situations I have found myself in, the people who have come into my life for different reasons and how we parted from each other when our lives moved in a different direction.

I have been blessed to have helped so many on my journey also for those who have helped me, you see it has been an exchange of energy. Being featuring in many national and international newspapers and magazines including Eva, Best, Woman's Own, Horse and Hounds, Channel 4 TV an interview on West sound radio with my friend Astrologer Justin Toper, and more recently the Sunday and Daily Express, were instrumental in giving others the sign posts to follow for help when they falter on their journey of life.

People and animals respond well to the healing vibrations.
You do not have to be ill to request healing perhaps you just need a friend.
You do not have to feel alone.

Pick up the phone and call me (or email me) details "here"

"The healing sanctuary" is a portable building which was donated by a grateful client.

One of my friends described me as a healer of the body and a physician of the soul; another said I was like a wise owl.
I was once asked "how do you heal"? My answer was "I don't heal anyone, all healing comes from God I am a channel for healing energy".

I do not focus on the client's illness that is not my job. I go into the silence attune through prayer and ask for help for whomever needs healing regardless if the person is in the sanctuary or on the telephone on the other side of the world as soon as someone requests healing my light is switched on the rest of it I leave to God. Whatever the illness was diagnosed medically, is unimportant to the outcome.

I am not a doctor and the client should continue to follow their doctors advice, healing is a complementary therapy

Fancy names or scientific interpretations of healing mean nothing to me. Healing is natural just as breathing is, I do not need to know how it works, I only need to know that it does, and have many testimonies from very happy and grateful clients. I help people from all over the world, distinction of class or religious beliefs. These are not important, the only thing that is important - is that they feel better.

I am happy to make home visits within reasonable traveling distance,
but expenses for travel have to be paid for.
I am a natural gifted healer and medium.

Love light and blessings Elaine.

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