Grahame Anderson has written a testimony for me in his book detailed below:-

"Is there a spiritual dimension around us? Discover compelling evidence from some of the world's most amazing mediums, psychics and healers. With real case studies from the public, scientific theory and his own experiences, journalist Grahame Anderson brings everyone together in, 'The Gathering'."

(ISBN 13- 9783854388180 ISBN 10-3854388187)

I have been very blessed not only to have known Elaine over a period of several years, but also to have been the recipient of her God-given healing energies;
I also have been honored to work with her on various healing situations.
She is most effective in her field of healing work and recognized by many clients in all walks of life. She is dedicated to help all with love and kindness and is powerfully guided by Spirit in all that she does.
Elaine is a healing angel sent here to help those in need. If you have the privilege of working with her to solve your physical and spiritual problems, value tremendously her healing energies and feel honored to be helped by this very special healer of Light and Love.

Ernest Streicher
Newport, North Carolina

The reading I had with Elaine was very intense and informative. She gave me lots of accurate details regarding my deceased parents and quite a lot of important information about my future (some of which is already happening!) - I can't wait to find out who is going to ask me to marry them by Christmas! She really put me at ease and I felt a great sense of calm and peace on meeting her. My reading is turning out to be most accurate and precise and I will certainly visit her for another one when the six month period has elapsed and I am able to have another reading.
I have also had several healing sessions with Elaine and these are most helpful to me at the present time. They have certainly helped to heal me spiritually as I was at an all time low when I started the healing sessions and now I feel so much better for them. A pain in my right shoulder which I have had for months has gone too and I have visited my doctor and had numerous injections for the pain to no avail!
I can truly recommend Elaine, as I know she has the most wonderful gift and is a very caring, calm and gentle person. In just a few weeks, I feel as though I have known her forever.

Jennifer Longmoor

I have been going to see Elaine whenever I need help for the past ten years. A strange thing happened to me about a year ago, I had an abscess under a tooth and was in agony. My dentist could not treat me till I had completed a course of antibiotics, my pain was so bad I couldn't sleep, I knew it was very late but, in desperation I phoned Elaine who told me to sit quiet and she would send healing. Eventually, I got off to sleep for a few hours, but woke up not because of the pain, it was because my tooth had fallen out! I was amazed, my dentist couldn't believe it, but I was not the least bit surprised - strange things have happened on a few occasions when I have been to see her.

Chris, Boston, Lincs

Dear Elaine
I just felt I had to say a big thank you for your healing I received from you. I cannot really explain my great gratitude and relief you have both given me. My left leg has been so painful for years now, the knee has been dealt with several times by doctors, x rays etc, and only an operation might have helped. Since visiting you I am completely cured, no pain you just cannot realize what relief it is now I praise you and also thank God whom you work through for this wonderful healing. I really enjoy telling all and sundry about this happening to me thank you.

Lynette from Derby

Elaine has worked a miracle with our little terrier Pip who has an ongoing heart condition. A few months ago she seemed to have given up her fight for life and become depressed and miserable-our vet felt the best thing was to put her to sleep.
On recommendation from my great Aunt, and with nothing to lose, Pip met with Elaine. Since that time she has been a new dog! She has regained her old zest for life, and she has got both her bounce and bark back!! Although an old dog she seems happy once again and we can only put it down to Elaine's work with her. Without her help, I am convinced our little dog would not be with us.

Charlotte of Nottingham.

I met Elaine only a short time ago, but was immediately put at ease by her whole personality. I had gone initially for a reading, which was very accurate (and am holding my breath for what may come!) In that reading Elaine said I had to come back for some healing, which I did and I felt very good afterwards.
Elaine is very bubbly and totally honest and I would recommend her highly.
Cheers Elaine!

Lynn, Lincoln

My first contact with Elaine was through pure chance or as Elaine said fate. She asked me if I knew someone called Ann and if I knew what Ann meant when she said she was very sorry, which I did.
The reading then focused on how I needed to use my strength to begin again. My husband had just left me and our children for another woman. I was in a state of total despair. My friends and family were unable to help me because I was convinced I had created the situation. Elaine was, however, able to let me see it was not my fault and his leaving would in fact benefit me. Everyone around me could see that Elaine had got me on the road to recovery. For the first time in many years I felt happiness. I have contacted Elaine from time to time over the past two and a half years. Elaine's readings often accurately tell me things which are going to happen and give me advice and encouragement, which all help me stay strong.
Without Elaine's readings I know I would never have got out of my prison and started living this precious life.
All the best.

Elaine Moncrieff

I met Elaine about seven years ago when I was recommended to her for her honest, no nonsense and straight-talking readings. I was gong through a very upsetting time and my confidence was at an all time low. The reading she gave me was excellent (although parts of it was not what I wanted to hear - she was correct!). I then bumped into her again about three years ago at a Psychic Fair, where I booked another reading with her and although my life had turned a corner, I had still a few emotional problems. Elainehe suggested I go for healing and I can honestly say I feel so much better, and more confident, she has become a true friend and spiritual adviser.

Corinne, Newark

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