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New to Forums?

Post by divingbrit » Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:49 pm

If you are new to message boards or new to the internet then there are some things to consider before you subscribe and post a message.

Chats and Message Boards are not all full of 'lurking pervs' but it's important to consider the potential dangers.
Be wary - people may not be who they say they are
Don't give out personal info.
Don't put your friends in a sticky situation by posting their details
Be cautious about meeting online friends face to face

Don't forget to do the same things online as you do in 'real life'. Would you give out your name and address or mobile phone number to strangers in the street? No, of course you wouldn't!

So play it safe, people you meet online are still strangers. Think carefully when someone asks you to send your photo to their mobile, or to meet you. If you are in any doubt, play it safe, Don't give your age, the year you are in at school, or the name of your school.

Do use a proper email address to register with the forum, and make sure that your anti spam program will accept automated emails from the forum. You will most likely have to respond to an automated email to validate your registration.

Sometimes things can get a bit heated on a message board. Try to stay out of arguments as some people like nothing better than to cause trouble.

If you are receiving unwanted Private Messages, remember that this forum software will allow you to block people from sending you PM's. Do report any bad behavior to a forum Moderator.

Finally.... enjoy yourself.
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