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Post by divingbrit » Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:32 pm

Swede, an abbreviation for Swedish turnip, is extremely hardy, and grows well in cool, moist climates - it’s the perfect winter vegetable. Swedes need a constant supply of moisture to grow well and are happy in heavier soils.
Sow May - June
They are a long term crop, taking up to six months to mature. Keep the soil moist and weed free thoroughout.
Thin out the seedlings when large enough to handle, leaving plants 23cm (9in) apart.
Water during dry periods but try to keep the soil evenly moist to prevent cracking and corky growth. Dryness at the roots can also lead to a bitter taste.
Lift roots from September to November once large enough to use, or leave in the ground until Christmas. Cover with straw or bracken before the onset of cold weather. In cold regions store in containers of soil or potting medium in sheds or garages.
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