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ie: Carrotts and Parsnips
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Sow February to August
Turnips grow best in cool, moisture retentive soils and should be kept well watered before the onset of dry weather to stop them running to seed. Sow early varieties little and often for a constant harvest from spring until autumn. They mature in 6-10 weeks so may also be used as a catch crop or intercropped.
Thin out turnips grown for their roots until they are eventually 15cm (6in) apart for early crops, or 23cm (9in) apart for maincrops.
Water during dry weather or the roots will be small and woody.
Early turnips: pull the turnips from May to September when the size of a golf ball for eating raw or the size of a tennis ball for cooking.
Maincrop turnips: lift the turnips from mid-October onwards when the size of a golf ball.
Turnip tops: harvest in March and April. Leave the plants to re-sprout as several cuts can be obtained.
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