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Sowing and Pruning throughout our year
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Post by divingbrit » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:21 pm

Winter prune apple and pear trees to remove any dead, damaged, congested and diseased branches

Sow or Plant
Plant bare-root roses, shrubs, hedging and ornamental trees, as long as the ground is not frozen
garlic and even shallots if the weather is mild

Plan this year's crop rotation to ensure you grow each type of crop in a different bed to previous years
Sort out seeds, throwing away empty or out-of-date packets and noting down any to buy for the coming season
Clean and sharpen your tools, including hoes, secateurs and shears, and spray metal tools with oil
Take hardwood cuttings from deciduous shrubs, such as forsythia, willow and viburnum
Preparea bean trench

Clear old crops and weeds from the veg plot, then dig over the soil, mixing in compost as you go


Prune gooseberries and redcurrants, cutting sideshoots back to three buds from their base
Move potted strawberry plants under cover to encourage early fruiting
Tidy up getting rid of any broken pots, old compost or debris that could hide unwanted visitors
Sow winter salads in a greenhouse, conservatory or on a sunny windowsill, for harvests within a few weeks
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