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Sown in groups that need the same soil conditions
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Post by divingbrit » Fri Dec 30, 2016 5:25 pm

Sow March to August

Water plants regularly, especially during hot, dry summers.
Ensure plants are grown in a cool shady spot – plants will run to seed if subjected to high temperatures and dry sunny spots.
Chervil is a prolific self-seeder. Remove a proportion of the flower heads to prevent being over run with seedlings, but allow some to remain to provide you with new plants for growing on.
Chervil can be grown as a winter crop. Protect with cloches or grow in a cold frame.

Bolting: Plants flower and set seed, rather than producing edible roots. This is usually caused by stress – a cold spell or drought.
Remedy: Sow bolt-resistant varieties and keep the soil moist.

Young leaves should be ready for harvesting around nine weeks after sowing. Cut and use fresh as required. Alternatively, cut leaves and freeze for use over winter. Leaves are unusable once the plant starts to flower. [attachment=0]chervil.jpg[/attachment]Chervil
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